Wild Parrot Confiscation Network 

What are confiscations?

Psittacines are protected by many laws and regulations: international treaties, national laws, state/provincial.district laws, local and municipal laws. Law enforcement authorities may seize parrots for many reasons, but the most common are associated with wildlife poaching and trafficking. Often large numbers of chicks are seized in transit or in efforts to cross borders.

Trafficking and poaching are the root cause for many species decline and extinction. It is estimated that 90% eggs are poached from Cental American species alone; and no one knows how many thousands of young chicks slip through surveillance and end up in lifelong, miserable captivity. *0-90% poached birds die before reaching their destination; of the survivors, 80-90% die in their first year. The remainder on average have 10 homes in their short, miserable lives in captivity. Do the math:

It costs lots and lots of money.